Great Lakes Bay Women 2013 ~ Edwina Jaques


In the autumn of 2013, The Saginaw Art Museum and The Castle Museum in Saginaw, Michigan will host an exhibition entitled  GREAT LAKES BAY WOMEN.  It will be part of the Fall for the Arts Festival during October 2013, a month long celebration of arts and entertainment throughout the Great Lakes Bay Region. Artist and authour, EDWINA JAQUES, has selected women from Saginaw, Midland and Bay City whose personal power has given their birthplace importance.

The website and blog is intended to update her progress over the next year.

Edwina has included women both past and present who are outstanding in some respect. She is creating a series of portraits in sculpture and painting that will illuminate their qualities and courage to show the kind of possibilities that are available to women now and in the future.

This is a difficult time for collective humanity and it is important to be reminded of the strength that we have within us. Women have always been the keepers of essential life spirit by virtue of their ability to create new life and they are most often the glue that keeps families and communities intact.

The exhibition will be a celebration of a very few women, but the idea serves a greater goal. There is genius in every woman that strives to make her life and those around her a better place just by her existence. For this reason, the exhibition will have a Personal Heroine piece that is interactive with the public located in both venues. Anyone can add to it by naming someone that has been important in his or her life. This could be a mother, a teacher, a friend, an author or even a character from a book or film. Everyone has been touched by someone who has inspired them in some way. There is also a page for this “tribute” on the website. You do not have to be resident in the area to participate.

The exhibition has inspired a book which will be made available at the onset of the exhibition. There will also be at least one quilt on display, created especially for the exhibition. Quilts, uniquely American, made by groups of women have long been an important way for women to express themselves.

EDWINA JAQUES was born in Saginaw, Michigan. She relocated to the United Kingdom while still a graduate student and lecturer at the University of Michigan. She lives and works in an area known as The Medway in Kent with her husband, two boisterous dogs, a cat and a raven.